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Dashiell Gregory Headshot 2.jpeg

Hi, I'm Dashiell!

I grew up in Encinitas, California, a small surfer town near

San Diego. Starting from the age of 2, getting up in front of my family and giving my performance of "Song of the King" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat into a wooden spoon, the performing arts cemented itself as my first and greatest passion. As I changed and grew throughout my childhood and teen years, my love for music and acting remained constant. Along the way, I picked up a myriad of musical instruments like guitar, piano, and trumpet that greatly shaped the person I am today and how I share my art with others. It only seemed right that I'd study theatre in college to further pursue this love which brought me to Baldwin Wallace University to earn a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre which I earned in May. I am now based out of New York City where I hope to share my passion.

Theatre is powerful. It has the ability to change minds and lives. I aim to share my passion of music and telling stories in order to do just that.

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